Friday, December 9, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is....

These Sweeeeeet NB sneaks
A FOUR season tent from EMS!

A sweet wall DECAL


A knitting gnome print, HERE

THIS. Because shadow puppets rule.

This nifty print found HERE

The cutest ring in the whole WORLD

Mr. Darcy's proposal mug found HERE (swoon)

A pop-up decoder message from this GENIUS

Cool buttons from HERE

This steampunky ukulele bass from HERE

A taxidermy hare ring from Hooting and Howling

But for reals.... I have mostly everything I could want and just like making lists.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Might Be Losing My Marbles.

New things up in my shop! (which can be found HERE)

I've been going absolutely bonkers making new things, planning a new shop (coming in two weeks!) with different wonderful things that I have also be working on, and then there is CHRISTMAS!!! This year I purchased nearly everything on Etsy, from small businesses, and I have been 100% thrilled with my purchases. So much so that I have already used a good portion of them and had to buy more...
Some gifts came from Target, of course, because baby cousin Melissa, and I got up at 1 a.m. on black Friday to enjoy the madness of it all. We stood in a line that wrapped around the building, lightly shopped with hundreds of other festive black Fridayers, and then stood in line again for an hour and a half whilst sharing the joy of "The Grinch" on my phone, with the people in front of us.
Regrettably, there was no looting, no fights broke out and everyone seemed very relaxed and in the holiday spirit. So nothing crazy to report this year. It was, however, a very good morning.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Too Much Music Tuesday

You know when you're listening to Pandora/LastFM/HypeM/Youtube and they starting spitting out the most ridiculously awesome and magical music you've ever heard (all day), and you think your head my explode due to all the amazing music you keep discovering? Almost like you can't keep up with all the awesome? That's how I felt today. I don't know if I can post everything I discovered today because at some point tonight I have to drink more coffee and go to the gym... Oh well... I'll try anyway....







"Okay", you think..

"This is getting silly"

"too much music, too fast..."

"I can't retain it all"

"my head hurts."

But that's what I'm trying to tell you.


From discovering this much awesome music...

at such a rate!

So, to experience it as I have....

You have to go FAST!!

really really FAST!!


augh! even FASTER!!!

not. quickly. enough.


"wow", you must think...

"Your head must really hurt!"



My baby cousins came out last week from Mebane for some fashion forward adventures! We visited Provincetown and Cambridge, danced a whole bunch, got gussied up, made new friends and I acquired red hair... Needless to say I wish they could've stayed forever and ever.

This is Fall 2011

Knights of Columbus @ the Middle East Corner

Violin making @ Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton Mass


Mom Fashion

Me Fashion

Cobwebs @ Borderland State Park

Cap'n Jacks @ Borderland State Park

Little Bug becoming a breakfast connoisseur @ Percy's

Friday, September 2, 2011

Giant Pictures of Summer

Flew Kites in Newport

Found buried treasure

Played with bugs

Went to Waterfire in Providence

Got a DSLR

Visited the home of Edward Gorey

Made Faces

Nearly walked out with Edward Gorey's assortment of curiosities...

Played in Newport

Flew in Plymouth

Gave hugs and kisses

Giggled a whole bunch