Friday, September 2, 2011

Giant Pictures of Summer

Flew Kites in Newport

Found buried treasure

Played with bugs

Went to Waterfire in Providence

Got a DSLR

Visited the home of Edward Gorey

Made Faces

Nearly walked out with Edward Gorey's assortment of curiosities...

Played in Newport

Flew in Plymouth

Gave hugs and kisses

Giggled a whole bunch


It's About Time, September!

I love Fall with all of my heart and soul. I realize it is not yet Fall... that it's just the beginning of September, but here in Massachusetts it's been a bit chilly and fally and schoolbussy and wonderful. Pumpkin lattes are out and I'll just pretend for now that all the leaves on the ground are because it's nearly fall and not because we've just had a hurricane.
This is what I've been listening to lately, I think it all has an "Autumn" feel to it.

Rose Hip

Your Mind

Train Song





Dance Me