Sunday, April 22, 2012 Review

Just a quick post to share some love!
If you haven't visited yet, stop what you're doing (Well, finish this review, if you must :) and go become as obsessed as I have in the past half-hour!
It's basically Pinterest, Etsy, and Ebay rolled into one big stylish, lucrative ball of shimmery, wonderful goodness.
You can list all of your clothes/shoes/handbags/stylish whatnots and if people like them, they can purchase them, or heart them. You can follow sellers you think are rad and buy their second-hand goodies, as well as vintage and handmade things!
I just found a good chunk of my summer wardrobe, thank you very much!
And now I have a brilliant way to share my loved, but lesser-worn items with other stylish folks! Yeehaw!

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