Wednesday, October 17, 2012


1. Buddy the cat begging for snacks.
2. learning how to cook a casserole! I won that round.
2. Learning how to cook- Baked ricotta with Blackberry Sauce. Also won.
3. Baby mushroom forest.
4. Bubbles and coloring time (coloring time is before dinnertime!)
5. Neon magenta nail polish I put up on!
6. A drawing from coloring time.
7. My actual hair. It's cray. Totally cray.
8. Red oxfords I put on the other day! I soooo wish these fit, but I am passing them on.
9. How I do french tips on my nails. Classy! If that lobster sticker says I can do it, surely I can.
10. Butterfly from the butterfly garden adventure last week. I wish I had more pictures of this adventure, but sadly, it was so very hot in the garden that my camera steamed up and I couldn't get any pictures... :-/

Do you have Instgram? If you do, let's be Instafriends! I am so terribly addicted to it! I am GwenivereJoy and my wardrobe/copious sale IG is WardrobeDarling !

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