Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shop Update // Holiday Planning!

This is what I've been doing all day! And now I feel a bit cross eyed and in need of some tea.... But I finally got some new things into the shop! 
Now it's time to think up some fun promotional things for Cyber Monday and Black Friday! They are two of my favorite non-holidays. The beginning of Christmas! I geek out every year for them. Last year I went nuts on Etsy for Cyber Monday and bought all my stocking stuffers. And my stylish baby cousins and I stay up all night on Thanksgiving and go shopping the minute the shops open on Black Friday! It's not so much the shopping as it is the bonkers holiday spirit that is displayed on these two days. I've never had anything but good experiences on Black Friday (and you can't really get trampled on Cyber Monday, as it's well, cyber), and I am totally looking forward to this year and being a shop owner this year being able to offer my customers fun promotional things and fun little surprises in their orders! 


  1. UMMM IN LOVE! Those earrings are absolutely perfect :) I can't believe how soon Christmas already is.

    1. Thanks!! I know, I've already begun Christmas carol listening and gift wrapping. I'm a bit of a Christmas nut.....

  2. very awesome; I love your stuff!

  3. Love YOU & YOUR blog! :) Consider me your newest watcher! :)

    - Sasha