Monday, January 14, 2013

Resolution Darling.

I don't typically do New Years Resolutions. But I like setting goals. And these are just a few of my goals for this year. There are more that I am working on that are of the business-related and health-related sort. These are some of the fun ones :)

 1. I was better about this in 2012, but I did notice at some points that I was letting my role of Nanny take over my appearance. There is absolutely nothing wrong with yoga pants and hoodies, but  they are not what I want to wear every day of my life. I thoroughly enjoy dressing up. And I intend to dress up every day this year and for the rest of my life. Life is too short to not treat every day like a tea party.

2. Charles Spurgeon was awesome. And his teaching has been such a blessing in my walk with God. "Morning and Evening" are short devotions, one in the morning and one in the evening!

3. I am sorry to say I stopped painting my nails in the middle of 2012... Life is also too short for icky nails.

 4. You never ever know what sorts of amazing things you're going to wish you'd had your camera for. And I have an awesome camera.

5. I tend to eat slightly repetitive and sometimes boring food.

6. Yes!

7. I didn't do this so much last year and I missed some amazing things. I was really super happy with the shows I did go to (Paloma Faith hugged me!!!!!!), but this definitely needs to happen more this year. Starting  with this past Saturday! I saw my friend, Shelley Cardoos, perform in New Bedford. She was awesome and it was so lovely to get out on a Saturday night! And this coming Friday is The Darkness in Boston!

8. This happened a lot in 2012, but definitely needs to happen more in 2013. Camping is one of my favorite things in the whole world.

9. I've started leaving all my money at home! There is really no need for me to bring it everywhere. I just end up buying shoes and feeling guilty.... :)  So, no more debit cards, credit cards or cash unless absolutely needed! Plus, I'm moving this year! I need to save all the money I possibly can!!

10. I feel constantly guilty for not playing more music. I can't totally explain this.... but I feel just awful. SO! Two or more songs a month. That is my plan!

11. I've wanted the same tattoo for a long time now and have just simply been too chicken to get it :) It's time.

12. No more shampoo/conditioner. It's damaging to my hair and unnecessary. If you search "No Poo" on youtube you can find all sorts of ways to do it. I'm going the Baking Soda/ Essential Oil/Vinegar route. And I'm super excited about it! I like knowing what's in the products I use and making sure they're not damaging to my health or the bit of earth I occupy :)

13. I've got some races coming up again this year! Last year was a good start, but this year I'm for serious :)  I'm going to beat my time and continue to push myself.


  1. How many new recipes a week?! Yum. We always eat the same old rice and beans.

    Please share your no poo experiences with us because we want to go that route also.

    1. I will totally share the no-poo adventure!! I'm totes excited to go for it! I especially like that you can mix essential oils and come up with your own smelly goodness "shampoo"!

  2. Great resolutions! I definitely need to pay more attention to my fingernails. The poor dears are ALWAYS in need of a makeover.

    1. hahahahahaha I know the feeling! Looks like tonight is nail night for me! I sort of almost broke that resolution today with a chipped-polish fingernail! Ack! This resolution is hard!!!

  3. #4 & #9!!! i love these!

    p.s. you are here ----->

    1. Oooooooooooh!!!! Thank you Chrissy!!!! You are so sweet and I adore your blog! <3