Friday, March 29, 2013

Instagram Roundup

 Me when I was 14 (I think)!  My glamour shots setup in the basement. :)

  Photography setup a few weeks ago. It's actually weird looking at this after all the work I've been doing on my shop and how it's evolved in such a small amount of time!

 A stalker picture of the love of my life. :)

 Double classes!! I've been enjoying my gym's classes soooooo very much. Very very thankful for them!

 Before and after DIY haircut!!! Best haircut of my life. Tutorial found HERE!

 Some clip-on post earrings I'm working on for a friend! Really excited to be able to offer these starting this weekend!

 Salad. Yum. This is what I eat pretty much every single day. The same exact homemade version of a Wendy's salad. :)  I might do a tutorial. And even though I'm not vegan (I know a LOT of folks who are :), do a vegan version.

 Miss Jellybeans.

Non-stalker picture of Gentleman Darling :)

 Me, at age 16 (?) doing an obstacle course. Maybe this is where the obsession began?...

 Chickens. Crossing the road. 'Nuff said.


 Plugs I'm working on for a customer! I'm also obsessed with the process of making these...

 Kitty likes to sleep on my hip. ....until my hip goes numb and I have to boot her off.

Aaaaaaaand tickly kitty toes. I can't believe she lets my touch her toes without trying to rip my face off....


  1. lovely pictures dear
    love Vikee

  2. your cat is adorable. lovely photos/blog! :)