Tuesday, April 23, 2013

AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! Front Page Y'all!!!

 This is my fourth time this month on the front page of Etsy!!!! I'm so excited and surprised and delighted!!!! This evening was the first time that I caught it though... and it was AMAZING!!!! My heart started beating wildly and I started texting everybody I've ever known, and trying to call my mother (even though I know very well, she and my father are on a plane, headed for San Fransisco). I am soooooo very thankful for this huge surge of positivity!

I went a little bonkers after my lovely Etsy surprise, and ordered a boatload of fun new fabrics and ribbons to work with this weekend. Very excited to jump into that and some other projects I've got lined up!
And here is what I have been working on lately!

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