Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday; Freedom!!!!

Hello Friends!!!!!!!!!! Today is totally exciting for me, and I've been looking forward to doing this WLW all week! So many good things have come out of this week and I've made myself SO very proud.

At the beginning of this week (for me, weigh-ins are Wednesday, so that is the beginning of my week, fitness-y speaking) I tried something new and totally amazing. It's called EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique). And it's a bit hard to explain, so I'll throw a video in here :)  Basically, it's tapping acupressure points around your body to release negative emotions and negative energy that you may be storing in your subconscious from not so happy experiences in life. I know for some, this will sound bonkers! But it will amaze you!!! My non-bonkers Aunt Nancy introduced me to EFT a few years ago and I hadn't really gotten into it until last week. But she has had incredible breakthroughs with it. So, last Wednesday, after feeling like I wasn't improving with my running, and working out and all the hard work I'd been putting into my body, I prayed for help and guidance and maybe just a teeny tiny baby miracle.... And later that day I felt like I needed to try this EFT business.

I've never thought I was an emotional eater. I just thought I was bored. Or had no willpower. Or what-have-you. but after tapping (which I might add, is free. And there are tutorials all over the internet and you tube on how to do it), I became aware that not only was I eating emotionally, but I realized the exact experience that I had built this unhealthy habit on. And it had started when I was about 6 years old, which was about the time I started gaining excess weight. I can't really go into the details because there are people at the root of it, who I adore, but had really had a negative effect on that part of my life. By tapping, I was able to forgive these people and let go of those emotions that were controlling my bad habits and bad relationships to food (i.e. compulsive eating). 

It has now been a week. And I have lost 3 pounds, after being stuck at the same annoying weight for WEEKS. I started running a whole mile at a time again (I haven't been able to do this since last year, and even then I'd need to stop and walk a minute or two in between running.). Yesterday, even though I was feeling sickly and not great, I got on the treadmill and walked a mile. And then I started feeling slightly better (also, looked a picture of my hunky stud muffin boyfriend, which helped A LOT), so I ran a mile. Then I felt pretty okay, so I did 5 sets of weights (shoulders), then I felt REALLY okay so, I popped into an hour Zumba class, and after Zumba I felt amazing. So, I ran another half mile, and then cooled down with a half mile and some stretching (and the biggest, goofiest, triumphant smile on my face.).

And I really REALLY am positive that I couldn't have done that without clearing up my negative emotions surrounding weight loss and food. I am so amazed by everything I've been able to do this past week and thankful to God, and I really hope that this helps someone else!!! It's POWERFUL, life-changing stuff.

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  1. My friend Mandy posted an article on this technique several weeks back, and yes, it sounds ... "interesting." But hey, I'm not married to any sort of way of life, so I considered trying it out. What could it hurt, right? But as life goes, I totally forgot about it. haha
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Way to work past that plateau!