Monday, August 31, 2015

-Where I Have Been-


So very much has happened since my last post! And many great, life changing things! Which is why I haven't been very good at posting....

1. I got married. The handsome prince, the dress, the music, the whirlwind, I had the best time! And I got a super cool husband out of it too.

2. We went to Europe. I got in a plane (even though, in my head, that is certain death). We visited the Netherlands and Belgium. And it was the coolest. freaking. thing. ever.
We are now planning our next big trip!

3. We bought a house. And now I have years worth of DIY projects!!!!!!!!! I can finally live my pinterest dreams. I am so excited!

I will share pictures of these various wonderful things very soon. Life is calming down (except for the DIYing.... have you ever frantically DIYed? Until you were ready to happily lose your marbles? And could no longer communicate like a normal human being? That's me right now). There will be posts again. Huzzah!



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