Saturday, May 26, 2012

How I Wish I Was Camping...

I'm not usually one for campers, buuuuuut.... this rules.

Most of this week's evenings were spent drooling all over my keyboard (maybe not as gross as that sounds...) and making plans to camp. And as I was planning my little weekend trip to Myles Standish State Park, I started to wander all over the ReserveAmerica website and found all sorts of magical and wonderous places I'd like to visit this year. My wanderings (on the internet) then led me to things I'd NEED for camping (Basically, when I research anything at all it becomes an "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" situation.).
I realize I need none of this for camping. And I can be quite happy with bare-bones camping. BUT.... if I had a million dollars I would most certainly blow it all on over-the-top camping gear.

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