Monday, June 25, 2012

Teeny Tiny Houses

I've become absolutely and thoroughly obsessed with tiny houses. I've been interested in alternative building and odd houses since I was a kid. I think as soon as I turned 12 I wanted to move out and build my own house. In fact, the plan at 12 was to turn 18 as quickly as possible, build an enormous tree house, something similar to Swiss Family Robinson, and live there til I died. Not much has changed. I went though a houseboat phase and camper phase. And I've always liked the idea of a yurt.
But a teeny house seems to be the most perfect thing ever (at least until I've built an earthbag house and a summer treehouse :). Particularly using solar energy and mainly recycled materials. Absolutely blissful!

I've also fallen in love with tiny house everything else... (click the photos for the links!)


  1. I LOVE small houses. . . obviously since you have my little Santa Fe Star here! Nice post and lovely images!! Thank you for including us!!

    nicolas and sofie
    Bewilder and Pine

  2. Oh! I just love your work!!!! So creative and beautiful and awesome!!