Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beach Wednesday

Wednesday began with preparing lunch (blueberry-spinach smoothie)

Rescuing Precious-Joy from the roof,

Dealing with belligerent Pippi Longstocking braids,

Breakfast (Bluberry-Kale-Flax),

The Beach! And hugs :)

Teeny surfers,

Waterlogged playtime,

120 oz of water (gearing up for a run!)

then Fort Taber with Miss C.

and a beautiful sunset!


  1. what camera/apps do you use for your photos? they are all really awesome.

    1. Hey there! I have an Android phone and I use the "One Man With A Camera" app, as well as the "Little Photo" app and "Pudding Camera" app :) I love my phone!

    2. i just downloaded the two i didn't already use and am excited to play around with them today. thanks for sharing! i am defo an android girl, too! =)