Friday, August 24, 2012

Thankful For Friday

This was going to be a "Friday Favorites" post, but was very quickly going from "Friday Favorites" to "I REALLY NEED THIS, RIGHT NOW, OR I'LL DIE" post. So, then I thought why not cover the things I already have and am very thankful for and still get all excited over
because they are awesome?!

1. NY Warrior Dash Medal. I did it! Slowly....but I did it!

2. Pink oxfords. Oxfords are one of my favorite styles of shoe. And especially slightly odd oxfords. I'm quite proud to own these.

3. My keyboard. I've had this since I was about 14, and I still play it almost every day.

4. Tom Waits necklace. I absolutely adore this man. And this necklace. You can purchase your own *Here*.

5. Birchbox! $10 a month gets you all sorts of exciting high-end samples. I'm loving this subscription.

6. Matpewka 110mm Lomo camera. So absolutely precious and Russian! It even has a little golden Matryoshka doll on the top.

7. Red wedges and matching camera. I will not lie. I bought the shoes because they matched the camera. I honestly did. And I'm not sorry at all!!

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