Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday Adventure

Yesterday, my good friends, Candace and Aly and I piled into my car and set out for Connecticut, and more specifically, "Holy Land USA". Holy Land is supposedly this kitschy mini rendering of Jerusalem that an artist built in the 70s, now abandoned.
We ended up stopping a few times ( When the car was about to fall apart, when we needed salads. Etc.), and then following signs for "Gillette Castle". Turns out Gillette Castle is a fantastic state park, and was home to William Gillette, an actor in the early 19th century, who built a castle in an absolutely magical spot, overlooking the Connecticut River. Mr. Gillette was also the first ever Sherlock Holmes, and helped develop the character of Holmes for the stage and screen. I geeked when I found out. I'm a HUGE Sherlock fan, so, just stumbling upon this gem was an enormous thrill.
We weren't able to visit Holy Land USA, but I think this became an even better adventure than we expected!
I brought my baby TLR camera from the 50s and my newer TLR and took about a million pictures with a lens I built on Friday. I think this week I'll do a tutorial on TtV and building a setup for a DSLR camera. TtV (Through the viewfinder) is such a fun way to take pictures!


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    1. It was SO NEAT!!!!! I'm going back when the leaves start changing. You should come too!

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