Saturday, December 8, 2012

You're Welcome.

I am a former chocolate fiend. Actually, I am a former sweets fiend. But I have kicked my sugar habit (with a little help from my pal, Stevia.), and as a result have lost 14 pounds and counting (I'll do a weight loss post sometime soon!). I no longer have super cravings or feel like I could commit crimes if I had to to get some chocolate :) But it makes me happy when I find recipes like this one and find out that I can still enjoy sweetness sometimes with no guilt and no pain (I'll go into that too in another post :).

So! Here is the simplest, yummiest, guilt-free Caramel Chocolate Mousse you've ever had! Enjoy!!!

3/4 Cup   2% Cottage Cheese
1 Tbsp     Cocoa Powder
1/8 Tsp    Caramel Flavoring
Stevia to taste

In a food processor (or in a bowl, using an immersion blender) combine all ingredients except stevia and blend until smooth. Then add a only a bit of stevia at a time until you've reached your preferred level of sweetness. Pair with your favorite chocolate friendly fruit!

** If you're not crazy about caramel you could also add a bit of vanilla in place of the caramel flavoring instead for a basic chocolate mousse. Or experiment with other flavors. I've just ordered cheesecake flavoring, eggnog flavoring and bacon flavoring from THIS website!!!!!


  1. Try avacados in place of the cottage cheese and you've got a vegan chocolate mousse. The avacados make for good texture and good fat content!

  2. Brilliant! I can really use this during the holidays. My clothes are getting tighter by the day!

  3. this looks sooo good! visiting you from the etsy promote your blog(s) team :) great blog!