Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weight Loss Wednesday!

I've been absolutely terrible at Weight Loss Wednesday lately! Aaaaand I am happy to admit that it is because I have been really very busy at becoming healthier!!!! I have been spending most of my evenings at the gym, trying new classes, weight training and running.

Driving home after the gym last week I realized something kind of big.
 That I have stepped out of my comfort zone.
 I never really knew what that meant until last week. But it has actually been going on for quite a while. Last year, at my heaviest and unhealthiest, I signed up for a Warrior Dash. I trained for it, or THOUGHT I did, but when it came to the race, I did more than poorly and really disappointed myself. So, I signed up for another one. and this time I did it. Alone. I sure as heck didn't win the race, but I finished it and  felt totally amazing. Crossing that finish line was one of the best feelings in the whole entire wide world. So, I signed up for another one :)  And this time did it with friends! We made some new friends along the way (some who were in the same position I was in during my first and second races), and it took us longer to finish as we decided we weren't going to leave any of our new friends behind, and by the time we finished I could tell we were all experiencing that same great feeling.
And I've noticed lately, especially at the gym, that I've been stepping out of my comfort zone almost every day. I've been pushing past the "I cants" and the "don't feel like its" in my workouts. Even just walking into a new gym was scary for me! But I did it anyway. And only wonderful things have come out of it. When I walked into the gym that first time, feeling anxious that I didn't know anybody there, didn't know where anything was, etc.  A total stranger invited me to the Zumba class that was happening at that very second and  it was AMAZING.
And I'm all fired up for the Boot Camp Conditioning class on Tuesdays because the last one I SUCKED at, and I know if I keep at it, I'm going to see results and I'll kick everybody else's butt eventually. And even though it's hard to walk and I ache in places I didn't know you could ache, I'm totally jazzed to see my progress in the next few classes!!!
So, my advice for this WLW is simply, step out of your comfort zone (and you don't even have to go that far. Baby steps are okay). Sign up for something that is kind of major for you. Go be a part of something that makes you nervous.  Do something right this second that will make you proud tomorrow!!!! If I can do it ANYBODY can do it.


  1. I like everything about this! I love working out but it's that initial hump to start that gets me every time. I've been dieting and have been doing pretty ok with it.. more a life style change really. The working out though still hasn't begun. I like to do videos and cardio at home because I have zero time for the gym but have been lazy (honestly). It sounds like you're doing awesssommeee. Keep trying new classes and have FUN with it!

  2. I really really needed to read this post, this morning. I've been feeling very defeated concerning workouts (and let's face it, lazy) since I've taken on a second job. All of your experiences and your resolution to do better is wonderful. I
    I have no excuse, I gotta get out there and like you said, do something right this second that will make you proud tomorrow!

  3. What an amazing feeling! There is definitely something great about feeling confident in exercise and working out. For me, it's running. I know I'll never be the best or the fastest, but I stepped out and did it. Pushing yourself is a great feeling and only you can give it to yourself. Keep up the great work!

  4. good luck dear
    love Vikee